1xBet Bonuses and Promotions in Bangladesh

1xBet is one of the biggest betting and gambling companies in Bangladesh and provides a nice bonus program for the player. Which caters to the needs of not only new players but also experienced users. What’s more, you’re on your own to add a bonus to your first deposit, get free spins for our online casino, and receive a cashback on your bets through our loyalty program. Simply register without forgetting to activate your welcome bonus and place your bets on your favorite sport or sports for a profit.

কিভাবে 1xBet থেকে বোনাস পেতে হয় এবং লাভজনকভাবে ব্যবহার করতে হয় তা জানুন।

1xBet Welcome Bonuses

The very first bonus a player can get from any company is the welcome bonus on his first deposit. Our company offers two kinds at once: one for online casinos and one for betting services.

1xBet Casino Bonuses

1xBet is not just a bookmaker and the bonuses of this service. There is also 1xBet casino, which also offers bonuses to its users and is as good as the bookmaker.

1 এক্সবেট অনলাইন ক্যাসিনোতে খেলার জন্য আপনি কয়েকটি বোনাস প্রোগ্রাম ব্যবহার করতে পারেন.

1xBet Poker Bonuses

Poker and live poker are other assets of ours. Even though it is a new area and is actively growing. Here too you will find promotions and special bonuses that will add to the comfort of the game.

1 এক্সবেট লাইভ ক্যাসিনোতে, আপনি বুকি থেকে প্রাপ্ত জুজু বোনাসগুলি ব্যবহার করতে পারেন.

How to Use 1xBet Bonuses?

The conditions for participating in the promotions differ from one to the other. At one point they have activated automatically, others require the player to register. Still, there are general instructions on how to get a bonus from 1xBet: 

  1. Account. Log in to your existing account or register with us. 
  2. Profile settings. Simply go to your profile settings and select the option Account settings. 
  3. Participate in Promotion. Select the promotion and agree to the terms if you are happy with it. 

You can now enter the promotion and earn our bonuses. However, if you encounter any problems, you can find the answer to all your questions at our support team.

আপনার অ্যাকাউন্টে লগইন করুন, শর্তগুলি পড়ুন এবং 1 এক্সবেটের নিয়ম অনুসারে একটি বোনাস ব্যবহার করুন.

How to Withdraw 1xbet Bonuses?

Bonuses are mainly of two types. The first does not require wagering for its withdrawal. The second requires several actions to be taken to withdraw it. Sometimes it is a certain number of bets, the winnings on which must exceed the amount of the bonus by several times. The bonus can then be withdrawn. However, it is important to remember that withdrawal is possible only after verification of the account. And the period of withdrawal depends on the amount and the payment system. Our instructions will help you figure it out: 

  1. Cashier. Enter the cashier and select the “Payments” section. Now select the withdrawal option in the window that appears. 
  2. Select a payment system. Study all payment systems carefully and choose the one you like. 
  3. Fill out the form. Fill in all the data you want. Click the “Confirm payment” button.
আপনি আপনার বোনাসের পরিমাণ ফিরে পাওয়ার পরে, আপনি 1 এক্সবেট অ্যাকাউন্ট থেকে অর্থ তুলতে পারেন.

Answers to Questions

Below we have answered common questions about the 1xBet bonus program.

Are there any special bonuses during the competition?

Yes, of course. We increase the value of the welcome bonus during major tournaments in cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports. For example, we increase the Welcome Bonus every year during BPL and IPL tournaments.

Is it better to use a promo code or individual bonuses?

We recommend that you use a 1xBet promo code BDT1X along with the activation of other bonuses. That way you’ll get additional benefits for sports betting and gambling.

Can I get only money for the bonus?

No, for participating in promotions players can get free spins, cars, gadgets, and more.

Can I get bonuses in the mobile app of 1xBet?

Yes, of course. Our promotions are available to players on all gambling and betting sites.

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